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Swimming 2024
Monday 4th March
Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre
Convener: Erin Simpson - Strathfield North PS
2024 Age Champions
Entry conditions - 
  • Children must compete in their own age group.

  • The 200m Medley has a qualifying time for ALL entrants.

  • A school may send ONE relay team per event per school.

  • There is no limitation on the number of events a child may enter.

Schools are encouraged to send the following competitors; 

  • Schools with up to 500 students K-6 can enter THREE competitors in the 50 metre Freestyle events and schools with more than 500 students K-6 can enter FOUR competitors. 

  • Schools can send TWO entries only for 50m Formstroke and 100m Freestyle 

  • If a school wants to send any additional entries for strong swimmers please contact the convenor for qualifying times


MEDLEY QUALIFYING TIMES Junior: 3:50 sec & Senior: 3.40 sec. 

Please do not enter any children in this event if they cannot swim the distance in this time. They will be withdrawn from the water if they are too slow.


There are 2 divisions – Juniors & Seniors


The rules in force at the carnival will be those generally used for all NSW Swimming Association carnivals. 

JUNIORS – 8 years born 2016, 9 years born 2015, 10 years born 2014

SENIORS  – 11 years born 2013, 12 years born 2012, 13 years born 2011

There are 3 age divisions for formstrokes (Breaststroke, Butterfly & Backstroke). Junior (8, 9 & 10 years), 11 years & 12/13 years.

Sydney East Carnival

Monday 11th March 2024


SE - Primary Swimming Championship (

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