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Contacts and Conveners



PRESIDENT: Sean Craft - Concord West PS


VICE PRESIDENT: Tom Cleary - Strathfield North PS

VICE PRESIDENT: Caitlin Rosewarne- Strathfield South PS

TREASURER: Hamish Tranter - Mortlake PS

SECRETARY: Debbie Rossi - Homebush PS

ASSISTANT SECRETARY: Anna Tran - Strathfield South PS

Sydney East Delegates: Sean Craft - Strathfield North PS, Tom Cleary - Strathfield North PS

Principal’s Rep: Cate Davis - Homebush PS

Web Site: Ron Ma - Strathfield South PS


Athletics - Erin Simpson Strathfield North PS

AFL- Chris Matthews Strathfield Sth PS

Basketball- Erin Simpson Strathfield Nth PS

Cricket- Hamish Tranter Mortlake PS, Danny Marshall Homebush PS

Cross Country-Erin Simpson Strathfield North PS and Chris Matthews Strathfield Sth PS

Football Boys- Edwin Lu Concord West PS

Football Girls- Alex Ruggiero Marie Bashir PS and Sophie Magus Mortlake PS

Golf- Tom Cleary - Strathfield North PS

Hockey- Caitlin Rosewarne Strathfield Sth PS

Netball- Symonne Rovella De Soussa Strathfield Sth PS

Rugby League- Tom Cleary - Strathfield North PS

Rugby- Tom Cleary - Strathfield North PS

Softball-Jennifer Hampson Homebush PS

Swimming- Erin Simpson Strathfield North PS

Tennis- Ron Ma Strathfield Sth PS

Touch Football- Tom Cleary - Strathfield North PS

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