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Maximum 2 overs per bowler in Seniors and 3 overs in Juniors.

All cricket teams are to use Incrediballs or similar composition balls of 140-145g for juniors and 150-156g for seniors.



  1. A team consists of 12 players each batting once. If 11 players weakest batsman bats twice and other 11 bat once. If 10 players team are given additional 2 outs as only 5 pairs will bat and no additional runs.

  2. Hard composition plastic, cork or 6 stitcher balls are NOT to be used.

  3. All batters must wear a helmet. In seniors, all batters must wear at least one batting pad. In juniors, wearing of batting pads is up to the coach. Wicket-keepers in seniors and juniors must wear keeping gloves. If a wicket-keeper is within 2 metres of the bat they must wear a helmet.

  4. When fielding, no player is to stand closer than 5 metres to the bat except for the wicket-keeper.

  5. Stumps placed at the end of the pitch with a 1.2m crease.

  6. Teams swap straight over between innings.

  7. Normal cricket rules for batsmen getting out apply EXCEPT for no LBW.

  8. Parents not permitted on the field of play.

  9. Boundaries are 50m for juniors and 60m for seniors in diameter and are to be marked with witches hats or flags.




  1. A match consists of 2 innings, each of 12 6-ball overs.

  2. No extra balls are given for no-balls or wides but 2 runs are added to the score for each plus what the batter scores if the ball is hit.

  3. A ball that bounces off the pitch or is too wide for the batsman to reach is to be called a no-ball:

  4. The BATTING SIDE is divided into 6 pairs of batsmen, with each pair batting for two overs. If a batsman is given out, the loss of a wicket is recorded on the score sheet and the batsmen swap ends and continue batting. All runs scored during the two overs are credited to the pair.

  5. Sundries are scored separately. If the pair lose no wickets during the two overs then a bonus of half the runs scored off the bat are added to the total (don’t include sundries in the bonus).

  6. A team may not declare its innings closed.

  7. If the FIELDING SIDE has more than 12 players the extra players may substitute for fielding but not for batting or bowling.

  8. At least 6 players must bowl in Seniors (Max 2 overs) and Juniors Max 3 overs. No player can bowl 2 overs in succession.

  9. Any ball that passes the batsman, in his normal stance, above waist high without bouncing is a no-ball.

  10. Any ball that bounces over the batsman’s shoulder, in his normal stance, is to be called a nonball.



  1. A team’s score is calculated by the total number of runs scored in the innings including bonus runs and sundries plus 5 runs for every wicket taken.

  2. The team with the highest score wins.

  3. The winning team is awarded 3 points. The losing team is awarded 1 point. In the event of a tie or a game being unable to be completed due to extenuating circumstances, both teams are awarded 2 points each.

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